Where Do I Sign Up For the LRT Service?




  • ricardo



    i bought the LIVE U SOLO 2 HDMI months ago from a dealer in Spain, i didnt buy any clouding service.


    I just signed up and got now the LRT clouding service in the liveu online shop. I do not know how to link this service now in my solo.liveu.tv portal. 


    Can you help me??

  • danielp

    Ricardo, absolutely, will open a case from this comment so we can help you.

  • yuriy.gusev


    I have the same issue. How can I get assistance? Thanks!

  • tloncar


    The same problem here, I paid subscription twice and I do not see one of it in the solo control panel.

    Subscription Info

    Paid somewhere else! During our system transition, expiration dates may not be available yet. Check back soon

  • danielp

    Correct, just as the message says, we are still merging the two systems.  You can insure each unit has LRT right now though via this article.  And we should have the two systems merged soon!


  • tloncar

    Daniel, please check, that not works. I can't see is LRT subscription is activate or not.

  • danielp

    In other words, if you can toggle it on, you have it.  If you need to manage your subscription, see this article.  And again, soon, that will all be consolidated to one place.

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