What Is RTMP Direct Mode?




  • post

    Where do we find the option to switch on the RTMP direct mode?

  • danielp

    In the new portal its right on the dashboard!  In the status box, a slider switch next to the label "LRT"

  • proeyetv

    How to configure rtmp with username and password, is there any demonstration?

  • danielp

    When selecting a new destination, select "Generic With Auth" for a RTMP destination that has a username and password. Note this is different from RTMP Direct mode that controls whether or not you use our bonding service as the "first mile". 

  • proeyetv

    Is there a video, an example of rtmp as a demonstration?
    Another query is there some error file log?

  • proeyetv

    I am more than 12 hours trying to transmit on rtmp and I can not do the transmission. I spoke with support but I do not have the answer.
    Can you help us please? I'm already not knowing or what to do, I've done everything.

    Thank you very much and excuse the insistence.

  • danielp

    Sure, just escalated this to a case and will review the previous case you had going to see where you and the support person left off...

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