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How Do I Configure A AT&T Beam 340U Modem?



  • srcuster

    AT&T AllAccess does not recognize the AT&T Beam USB LTE Modem even though my PC does. Is there a way to set up this product manually?

  • lesarmedia

    I had a hard time like everyone else trying to get the All Access app to recognize the Modem on Windows 10 Operating system. What I ended up doing was installing Windows 7 on an old laptop and going through the steps. After a few tries I got it to work.  So dont give up or send it back. Worst case scenario if you need me to install firmware on your device just HMU  Howard. 

  • dak313

    Still can’t get mine to work.....

  • caius

    Worked in windows 7 not in windows 10. INstall WMWare and get an older verison of windows running to get this to work


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