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How Do I Configure A Huawei E8372h-153 Modem?



  • pverbru

    I still had an issue after following this article.

    As I have two the same modems, they come pre-configured with the same IP address. I modified the last digit too of the IP address and that fixed my bouncing between ready and disconnected.

  • bent

    The problem is that "most Huawei modems" have firmware that does not have the option to change ip-address. And not all Huawei modems work at all, even if it is on the modem list... On the list, it currently says that "Huawei E3372" Works. But the truth is that "Huawei E3372h-153" does not work at all. And for the "Huawei E3372S" does work, but only if you use one modem - if you try to use two Huawei E3372S they get in ip-conflict With each other, and there is no way - in the current firmware - that you can change ip-address on this modem. Some have managed to install an old modified firmware that let you change ip-address, but I have not managed to do so.... I have spent lots of hours and lots of Money on USB-modems for the last couple of weeks…. Really frustrating since it not easy to find a reseller for the different USB-modems.

  • daniellippens

    It is very unfortunate that customers are not warned in advance to Bent’s issue. Still presentv


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