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Where Can I Buy USB Modems In the USA?




    This is article is over two years old. I know LiveU have many loyal Solo user.  I think more of an effect is need so that we Solo users get the best, and most up to date information available. 



    Thanks, Al 

    I know about other LiveU products on the broadcast side, and the support is excellent. 

  • jenyspay

    I bought a Verizon USB730L and it doesn't connect to my SOLO v200, do they have any link where I can see how it is configured?

  • danielp

    You just need a firmware update, we opened a case based on this post.

  • danielp indeed, USB modems took a turn for the worse after some of the recent trade changes with China, particularly being able to buy them as consumers.  They have always been on the decline, as MiFis have largely replaced them for consumers, but some are particularly scarce now.  LiveU has been working with each of the carriers to figure out replacements and a better way for you to buy them for your Solo.  We are very, very close to launching one solution that will help solve this, and we have a long term plan as well that will improve on even that next step.  Look for that info very soon.  Meanwhile, of the 4 units listed above, I marked the two you currently can't buy.  


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