Can I Remove a Unit From My Account?




  • eo-syd

    7 months now... wondering if this is true... "a feature to let you choose to "deregister" a unit is forthcoming"

  • danielp

    Yes, its still true but quite delayed.  As we link more parts of the portal to our "backend" it actually makes this feature trickier.  The good news is we are close to complete on that linkage (for instance, seeing when your warranty ends), and once that is complete this feature is back on!

  • albuquerque-55

    ola, comprei uma liveu solo usada, gostaria de logar em minha conta como fazer???

  • uhwiro
    1 년은 조금 지나치게 많았습니다.
  • remi

    please how can i remove a added live hdmi solo from my live u solo account portal..

  • danielp

    Made a ticket for you!

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