Why Isn't My Unit Bonding?




  • lotonorman
    How to know if I still have the current LRT service on my liveU 200 hdmi?
  • danielp

    A feature to more clearly show the state of your LRT subscription is coming very soon! in the meantime, so long as you can turn LRT on, per the steps in this article, you have the license - if you did not the switch would be grayed out.

  • jason-sutherland1

    can I use the subscription on a pay as you go basis as | won't be filming in  stream every month

  • danielp

    Yes you can - there is no unit smaller than a month, but the subscription can be turned off and on as needed at that scale.  Right now you manage that subscription via shop.liveu.tv, but we are in the process of moving it to solo.liveu.tv just like the new graphics subscription.  Look for that in about 1 month.

  • brian.yam

    We have the LRT turn on, but both the FB live and the Wowza Cloud cannot get the RMTP push, anything we need to do to use it?

  • danielp

    That sounds like perhaps the unit is successfully making usable video - this can happens sometimes if the source has no audio or other parts of the HDMI or SDI are outside of what we can handle.  I will open a case from your comment so we can help you!

  • brian.yam

    You are right, my SDI feed without audio refused to be board casted. Once we inject some audio, it is doing fine now. thanks!

  • sergiomarchesi

    non vedo più il mio liveu nel portale. mi dice di registrarmi ma se inserisco il numero seriale dice che è già registrato. cosa devo fare 

  • lafranicich

    I don't have an LRT button on my interface, and if I go to my subscriptions, nothing is there. I know I'm paid up - and I wanted to get a stream off in a few hours - anybody help at LiveU?

  • danielp

    You should always have an LRT button, in the Status section of the portal - it could be grayed out, if indeed you were not receiving the LRT service.  I will start a case for you so we can assist figuring it out.  


  • aromero

    My LRT button turns off when I browse away from the page. Everytime i turn it on, it goes off when I browse away. What can I do with this?

  • danielp

    Well never heard that one before @aromero!  Let me start a case for you and we can try to figure it out.

  • duran.ahmet02

    @danielp: i have the same issue as user lafranicich, i dont see the button of LRT grayed out.
    I have purchased it on the live u portal, but cant enable it bc there is nothing there. Everytime i login, it says on the top of the page: "thx for your purchase of lrt, it will take up to one hour ....".

    Kind regards

  • jamie

    I have the same issue where, over the last 12 hours I'm getting the same message "Thanks for purchasing..."
    There is no mode tab under select destination. So I have no clue where to go and turn LRT on. 
    Need help!

  • danielp

    Bumped this up to a ticket will respond there


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