New Portal And New Features Coming in May!




  • info

    Hi Daniel,

    how about the low delay mode and the other new things? When they will be available?

  • info

    I noticed in the new portal, once you created a destination you cannot edit it.  Even if you goto "Manage Destinations" it only gives you the list of destinations that you can select and delete.  Is there a way to 'edit' after a destination is created? 

    For example, I have a destination created to wowza and now I would like to change the bit rate.  In the old portal you could simply goto destination->advance and change the bitrate/framerate/resolution and save. 

    How do you we do this in the new portable, without having to create a new destination every time.


  • pverbru

    Looking slick! Can't wait to see the new portal in action. Love the design and it looks great on mobile.

  • pverbru

    Are subscriptions based on user or on units. Do I have to pay the LRT subscription twice if I would have 2 solo’s?

  • danielp

    info - just use the edit icon in the upper right corner:

  • andrew

    Is the graphics up and running? I can't seem to see any other settings apart from turning it on...

  • danielp

    @andrew yes it is! Once you have it turned on, go to "Select New Destination" to link your selected destination with a graphics template.  Its been a small area of confusion, especially for people that use a "fixed" destination like Switchboard Live, Akamai, or others that you don't need to press "New Destination" very often (others, like Facebook, you are making a new Post every time so that workflow is much more natural).  We are working to improve that based on the first week of feedback.

    But for now, select new destination even if you pick the same setup destination again and you should see the option to pick a template to start from!

  • danielp

    LRT Subscriptions are indeed per unit and you would indeed need two for two units.

    Graphics subscriptions (Launching this week after some unforeseen delays!) are for the whole account, though metered by hours.  So you can use as many solos as you have in your account with it, but of course each one will use more hours and you may need to buy the "buckets" of extra hours to cover everything, depending on how much you stream.

  • joseama44

    Hola muy buenas dias, tengo un problema mi LiveU solo no me reconoce los usb, me da señal de reconocimiento de operador, pero no funciona y si funciona a traves de LAN Y WIFI.


  • joseama44

    lo tengo puesto en Enable, sale en verde las barritas, pero no funciona. en cualquiera de las dos entradas de USB

  • rabens44

    I was hoping that I'd be able to control the graphics out in the field from my iPhone, but when I click on the controls from safari it won't load. Is there a way to get this working? Maybe a graphics control app?

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