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  • ziad.ahmed.alali

    guys ,i do paid the monthly service for the cloud graphics with no chance to know from where to start , i called the Live U solo support they refuse to help and ask me to communicate through Email only .


    my device is Live U solo 

  • danielp

    Hi!  Well this article is a good start, and the rest of the articles in this section.  We have a training video coming very soon too (hopefully just a few days).  

    Its true Solo support is email-based, and I saw you opened a case - will respond to that right now to recommend what order to look at the articles in.  And of course will let you know as soon as those final touches are done on the training video.

  • ziad.ahmed.alali

    GUYS , i need to know for what you charge me $75 /Month ???? where is that service that i paid for ??

    All i need is link or any direction to the graphics cloud template .. Do not send me any articles i went through all of them and  it is useless its only a descriptions , i need link or steps to guide me to this cloud template which i paid of ... it is urgent find below 

  • danielp

    You are on the right track! Now just pick a destination (see the big plus sign below?), once you select a destination, you will see the list of graphic templates. 


    I replied to your case too, with the same info.


    Give it a try!

  • isidroparedes_av

    Hi guys
    I can not embed the graphics in my direct
    I do not have a graphics tab option
    I have the same problem as ziad ahmed

    help me please


  • danielp

    Hey isidroparedes_av, I opened a case for you too - once you have purchase graphics (or started the trial), next step is to set a destination - in fact we just deployed a small fix to make that clearer, if you are using a destination that doesn't change.  In the process of picking a destination (even the same destination, again) is when you will see the option to choose a starting a template, and once that is one, you will see more info in the box labeled Graphics, on the dashboard.

  • ketangandhi111

    What is the charcter limit for title for twitter live

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