Basics of Building a Playlist




  • ziad.ahmed.alali

    Once you have opened the graphics control panel from the Dashboard, here are the basics of getting started building a playlist.


    you wort the above and i cannot find it in my dashboard see below 


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  • pverbru


    I had the same. The way it worked for me is select a destination, fill in the required fields, in the next screen you will find the playlist setup screen.Ones you have setup your playlist it will populate the Graphics tile.

    I have to admit that this for me as user doesn't feel logical as the playlist should be a separate entity and not related to your destination by default. 

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  • danielp

    pverbru thanks for the feedback, a way to navigate direct to saved playlists and keep working on them is on our agenda, I definitely agree it would make sense for many workflows!

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