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  • ziad.ahmed.alali

    for god how i can get to this control panel , Com on guys it is Urgent i need somebody answer me .

    i do paid $ 75 / month for this service in order to use the Graphics templates .

    after payment i lost .... SEE BELOW NOTHING ON THE GRAPHICS BOX !!!  

  • oytra

    Hey Guys,

     is there any way to edit the color of the Graphic in the Global Data. I can see the colors in use in the editor but not able to edit. I would love to have that capability!

  • danielp

    You should be able to just click on the color swatch and get a color picker.  Is that not working for you?

  • oytra

    No I am afraid not. When I click on the color nothing happens.

  • danielp

    Ok escalating this to a case then, let's dig in whats up (pop up blocker maybe?)

  • oytra

    I was using FireFox as my browser. I switched to Chrome and it worked like you said.



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