Can I Upload Animations?




  • ralstonaxis

    image browser doesnt seem to work so I cant add a jpeg / gif 


  • danielp

    Opened a ticket for you ralstonaxis so we can get to the bottom of it.  It definitely works for me in Chrome and FF on Windows and Mac, but lets dig and see whats up.

  • tom

    Is there a limit to the gif duration please?

  • danielp

    Tom, there is no pre-set limit but very extreme examples probably won't work due to limited resources on the rendering virtual machines - extreme in this case being hundreds of MB for example.  If a shorter gif isn't working, perhaps its some other issue...

  • tom

    Well I have tried with a 35.mb 30 second gif rendered though premiere and it does not work. 

  • danielp

    You were right! turns out we had effectively a bug (unplanned, in other words) limit at 15 MB.   I will update this article and we will work to remove the issue this summer...

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