How Can I Integrate Solo With Streamlabs, and My IRL Workflow?




  • xbox2xbox

    This is very confusing.

    Why does OBS only pull? Or I'm misunderstanding OBX for OBS?

    I assume that it should be either LiveU solo -(this maybe push or pull, more like push in my opinion)-> cloud server -> Twitch/other live site, Or if he/she is not a IRL streamer, must be using a software like OBS/XSplit to push streams to Twitch-like sites.

    Pull stream doesn't need the encoder side to input a rtmp server address, only push needs that.

  • danielp

    First off, yes, OBS, my mistake!  Not sure why I had OBX in my head.  


    Second, you are correct that LiveU Solo is always sending Push.  And, if you are not trying to read that stream with a further step that requires Pull, you can go right from LiveU Solo to our cloud bonding service to Twitch or others. No need for any of the above - this is only an advanced setup for those looking to insert their own rendering engine (in order to render in graphics such as Streamlabs), in the middle.

    Lastly, if the software you are trying to insert supports RTMP Push directly, you don't need a further server in the middle.  You can just push directly to that software.  There are a few examples out there that do (Livestream Producer comes to mind), but I am reasonably sure OBS does not support it - then again am far from a OBS expert so correct me if wrong!

  • adparestv

    Y en Vmix se puede?

  • danielp

    I don't know if vMix can take a url of html elements to render onto the video, but if it can then yes that is an option here too.   If you really just mean reading the RTMP stream from vMix, yes, these same ideas would apply here: push vs pull and how to read the stream based on either one.

  • robertotorrent

    Im having Issues setting up my Ngnix rtmp info on the destinations page could someone break it down for me? 


    My Ngnix server is working properly as when I apply rtmp://<my ip address>/live onto custom rtmp on my streamlabs mobile as it sends the stream to my OBS no problem.. but I cant get it to work/redirect via liveu I must be doing something wrong on the destination form... PLZ help 

  • danielp

    robertotorrent certainly feel free to open a support case for this too.  If it works from Streamlabs mobile, you should be able to plug the same info into our "Generic" destination.  Could just be some little subtle thing out of place, I am sure we will get it working!

  • robertotorrent

    I did, no one helped me .. after hours of no sleep i got it figured out thankfully.

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