Can I Stream to Multiple Destinations at the Same Time?




  • nikolai.bergstrom

    Hi did anything happen with this during the fall of 2018 ?

  • danielp

    You got me here, no it did not.  On such occasions I like to cite:  

    We did add one-touch integration with to expand the easy-to-setup options on multi-destination streaming.

  • nikolai.bergstrom

    Haha. yes I know that law all too well.
    Just to clarify, is this still a planned feature, or was it dropped altogether?

    The dashboard UI looks like it is almost there.

  • danielp

    So, some work was actually completed, but at the moment the plan on if we will complete the entire feature is being debated a bit, speaking frankly.  I would be very interested to get your feedback on why its critical for us to offer this feature instead of say the one-touch to Restream or Switchboard - feel free to email that into if you like.  Once some internal decision is reach I can update this page as well.

  • support

    Hi, I want add that there is the possibility to use the Inside-CAST tool by Streann Media CDN that allows you to automatically send your LIVE content (RTMP or HLS stream) to many destinations including your social media accounts without any additional hardware...

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