Can I Stream to Vimeo Live?




  • sbeer

    Will I be able to chose schedules events in the future?

  • danielp

    If you tell me that is an important feature for you, I will add it to the to-do list right now!


  • sbeer

    Thanks Daniel, that would be great.  I like that I can schedule an event on Vimeo and also chose to have it stream to Facebook as well as Vimeo.  Being able to select the event from the LiveU portal would be great!!!

  • sbeer

    Just as a follow up to this, as well as scheduled events it would be very, very handy to be able to stream to channels when Vimeo release it - which I believe will be in the next couple of months.


    From Vimeo:

    This is soon going to change with the release of Channels for Vimeo Premium before the year ends. This capability will then allow for a permanent embed code that can be used multiple times. 

    I don't have a firm ETA for when the static embedded player will be available, but we'll be making an announcement once they are ...we're aiming to have static RTMP/embedding out the door by the end of the year. 

  • danielp

    Ok duly noted!


  • sbeer

    Hi Again Daniel, Vimeo have now announced recurring streams - this is so important as my clients need only embed once and I can stream to that webpage over and over again, they never need to change the embed code. I can setup a stream for each client and know if I stream to that destination it will stream to their facebook, their website and vimeo.  If for any reason the solo goes down due to poor signal as soon as I restart it goes to that same destination and not a new stream url.

    My killer feature on my Solos would be to simply choose from portal which of my recurring Vimeo destinations I want to stream to, my life couldn't be simpler.  This is what they say:


    Starting today, you can live stream to the same viewing destination as many times as you like, all under one event name. No more resharing the page, replacing the embed code, or resetting the stream key.
    This new functionality helps keep your recurring live events organized, giving your audience one centralized viewing destination for every new broadcast. They can also browse previous broadcasts and see when the next one is scheduled, right in the embedded player and on your Vimeo page.


  • danielp

    They are adding features faster then we can keep up! but no problem will queue this up too and get it on the roadmap.

  • ianmahon1

    Hi. I am looking at buying the liveu solo this week with the purpose of streaming to vimeo. But I need to be able to chose an already schedule event. Is this possible yet with live u solo

    ? Thank you

  • tom

    I tried this yesterday with no luck. Would really like to use Vimeo.

  • danielp

    ianmahon1 not quite yet, we are working on it.  Probably mid to later summer.

  • danielp

    Tom I escalated this to a case for you, so we can investigate.

  • info

    Hi there- following this thread as we really need this feature too, what's the latest?


  • danielp

    Not under construction quite yet but still on the roadmap.  Still thinking mid to late summer as outlined above.

  • maxime.gouin

    Hi when I try to go live with Vimeo I get this error: "Go check out premium options for Vimeo Live stream here and then come back" 

    But I'm already Premium and have access to live features. Where I'm wrong? 


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