Firmware 7.0.3 Release Notes




  • pilotorab

    Dear, where can I download new firmware 7,0,2 and how can I install to my LiveU Solo?


  • info

    Donde descargar el nuevo firmware y como actualizar



  • danielp

    The new firmware will be made available on all solos soon - you will get a prompt during a boot up.  If you need it / want it faster then that feel free to open a support case right here in the portal (top right, or email and we can mark your solo to go now...

  • pilotorab

    OK, thank you for info, I'll wait.

  • xonemultimedia

    How can I upgrade? No prompt during boot!

  • danielp

    Created a ticket for you from your comment so we can set your unit to upgrade. Still haven't set it for world wide yet, waiting to cross just a few more Ts...

  • produccion

    Hello Daniel Thanks for the relase, I will need to update my firmware as soon as posible. I live in Colombia and here in south America the best carriers are Tigo, Movistar and Claro.


    Best Regards

  • bruce

    I have an open ticket with my unit number for something else but more then happy to get the firmware update if you can push it to the unit.

  • alexanderjavier2009

    Hola, he tenido un problema con mi vivo u solo. El software a la versión 7.0.3 y cuándo quiero conectar la red wifi de un teléfono celular solo aparece la ip y nunca se conecta, eso solo pasa con redes wifi de celulares, con redes wifi normales y se conecta bien. De ante mano gracias por ayudarme!

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