Firmware 7.0.3 Release Notes




  • pilotorab

    Dear, where can I download new firmware 7,0,2 and how can I install to my LiveU Solo?


  • info

    Donde descargar el nuevo firmware y como actualizar



  • danielp

    The new firmware will be made available on all solos soon - you will get a prompt during a boot up.  If you need it / want it faster then that feel free to open a support case right here in the portal (top right, or email and we can mark your solo to go now...

  • pilotorab

    OK, thank you for info, I'll wait.

  • xonemultimedia

    How can I upgrade? No prompt during boot!

  • danielp

    Created a ticket for you from your comment so we can set your unit to upgrade. Still haven't set it for world wide yet, waiting to cross just a few more Ts...

  • produccion

    Hello Daniel Thanks for the relase, I will need to update my firmware as soon as posible. I live in Colombia and here in south America the best carriers are Tigo, Movistar and Claro.


    Best Regards

  • bruce

    I have an open ticket with my unit number for something else but more then happy to get the firmware update if you can push it to the unit.

  • alexanderjavier2009

    Hola, he tenido un problema con mi vivo u solo. El software a la versión 7.0.3 y cuándo quiero conectar la red wifi de un teléfono celular solo aparece la ip y nunca se conecta, eso solo pasa con redes wifi de celulares, con redes wifi normales y se conecta bien. De ante mano gracias por ayudarme!

  • danielp
    alexanderjavier2009 I moved you up to a ticket for this...
  • social

    When is going to be ready the update option to use the Micro SD card for record or storage the video , also what about the headphones and mic jack options, is more than one ayer that we are waiting for this update, teradek product hace the option to record using a external sd memory card, and. Live you is more expensive and have less features.

  • danielp

    Enriquetech  the headphone jack and MicroSD slot are really hold-overs from the hardware design that started in our LU product line, the LU-200.  There are no plans to ever use them with Solo.  To be honest, we do not see much demand for streaming of recorded content.  Audio monitoring is a different story - there is definitely some interest in that so maybe our decision there needs to change, I will evaluate that.

    Our focus in place of such features is definitely on reliable streaming as well as enhancements we can offer in the cloud.  Features launched in the last 12 months that reflect this include setting modem settings from the portal, WiFi settings, and LAN settings, as well as features like 1:1 aspect ratio for Facebook.  We hope that fits for the way a lot of streamers are growing and expanding, but like any product roadmap its not going to fit for everyone.  If you have specific needs with features that are matched better by other products, then I think you have a good reason to evaluate using those products for sure.   

  • social

    danielp im agree with you, the quality for streaming video from LiveU Solo is awesome, I really like video. But when I was looking information and reviews of this product is some point I found the audio jack and sd card option will be available sometime. I emailed to sale department asking about this features and their told me the will be available soon. And that was the reason I bought 2 of Liveu solo but I’m disappointed because I thinks the this feature never is going to be available. Some people like me would like to use the audio to monitoring in audio form video or some people would like to record their live streaming I thinks it’s a good option, you told about some features that we need to paid. Maybe some one paid I won’t. I thinks is a bad advertising or informations the LiveU offer to clients about this two features audio and memory that is not available. But well I guess I’m a minor client. Thanks for you time.

  • info

    I feel I have to agree with ‘social’ regarding the audio monitoring comment. It is the weakest link in the otherwise excellent LiveU Solo chain. I can check the A/V output of all the equipment which may be connected. However the only way to assess the audio quality is waiting for the live stream to reach my iPad/iPhone/whatever. The little on board monitor confirms the visual, however the missing audio socket would add all the confidence that everything was arriving at the Solo correctly ‘before’ going live. Please do consider adding this feature. The recording feature would be nice but to overcome this I already use an Atomos in the chain which makes for easier HQ editing. More battery, cables and potential errors though.

  • mr.stefandan

    hey guys, i got the prompt to do the update my solo but during the process all i get is "error, please rebot"

    i would love to be able to monitor my audio level by using the small jack near the hdmi output


  • danielp

    Will escalate this to case to help you with that upgrade.

  • danielp

    Please note my note above - we paused 7.0.3 upgrades or now!

  • lukas

    Hi, what is problem with huawei modems in current FW? I did not noticed any on 7.0.3

  • danielp

    Some specific Huawei modems dial in 6.5.x but not in 7.x.  Not every single Huawei was effected but enough that is a major bug.  lukas if you were uneffected you must have just lucked out that the model(s) huawei's you were using were not on the list!

  • info

    Just picked this up. I'm on 7.0.2 and feel like my Huawei modems are not connecting correctly. Is this the error you are referring to above? Will the 7.0.3 firmware get around this for me, or is there a chance it might work?

  • danielp

    info - I would open a case asking for downgrade to 6.5.3 for now, while we keep testing 7.0.4 that has the fix.

  • kenny

    My firmware is still in 6.0.1. How can I upgrade to 7.0 for the FB square ratio feature? I do not see any request for upgrade during boot up. 

    Please implement the audio monitoring function asap. It is a basic yet critical part of the whole streaming process isn't it?

    Finally how can I use RTMPS to stream to FB if I am not using the one touch feature.

  • danielp

    kenny - if you are not using the One Touch FB integration, just copy and paste the rtmps:// url into the ingress url for the destination type you are using.  For now to upgrade, please open a case - we are still chasing down a few issues on 7.0.3 so have not returned it to "world wide" yet.  But we can set individual units to upgrade to various versions if you request it via a case.

    Duly noted on the audio monitor feature!

  • f.berardicurti

    come posso fare l'aggiornemento di liveu go solo all'ultima versione?


  • danielp

    Inizierò una causa per te da questa nota, e andremo da lì!

  • kenny

    Hi has the huawei modem problem been solved? Looking forward to try out the square format. :)

  • danielp

    Kenny 1:1 aspect ration should work with 6.5.3 - I'll escalate this comment to a case so we can get you on that version.

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