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  • Can I Stream to Multiple Destinations at the Same Time?

    Solo portal does not yet offer a multi-destination option.   Meanwhile, we have many great partners that can help you with this need.   LiveU Solo has one-touch integration with Restream.io as well...

  • Is There a Data Limit to the LRT Service?

    NO. There is no data metering or data limit to the cloud bonding service, using LiveU Reliable Transport or LRT.  If you find any mention of a limit, meter, or cap, its outdated information!     No...

  • Can I Use LiveU Solo With a Video Switcher or Multi-Cam Setup?

    Yes! Most video switchers, even software based ones, have a baseband video output option.  Examples include Newtek Tricaster that has options for both HDMI and SDI out, Blackmagic Design ATEM switc...

  • Firmware 7.0.4 Release Notes

    Update September 2019: 7.0.4 resolves issues in earlier 7.x versions with some modems, with some WiFi, and with an issue related to Audio / Video sync. While we are try to be extra sure it resolves...

  • How Can I Control the Solo's Bit Rate?

    By default, LiveU Solo uses a bit rate best for the platform you are streaming to. However, sometimes you want to adjust that bit rate: either to a higher target, or sometimes to a lower target, fo...

  • My Wi-Fi Only Every Says "Scanning"

    If you find that your unit's WiFi only ever reports "Scanning" and not a list of SSIDs, please open a case so we can reset your unit's WiFi settings.  This will clear the issue.

  • Can I Remove a Unit From My Account?

    Sometimes you loan, sell or otherwise give away a unit to someone else, and want to remove it from your account so that user can register it to their own account. Today, please open a case via this...

  • What Is LRT?

    LiveU’s unique Reliable Transport protocol (LRT™) is at the heart of LiveU products to deliver optimized video performance. LRT™ enables reliable, low delay live video streaming over non-guaranteed...

  • Important Note About Huawei "-320" Suffix USB Modems

    There are newer Huawei modems appearing now, that use a "-320" suffix but share the same starting part of the model number with previous models (E8732, E3372, etc.).  These "-320" variants do not y...

  • What If My Input Signal is Interlaced?

    If your input signal to the LiveU Solo is interlaced, the Solo will de-interlace (deinterlace) the video, so that the video you are sending to your online platform is always progressive.  You do no...